Learn JavaScript in 15 days

by Jay Mistry · Jan 17, 2021


It wouldn’t be overstating if we say that JavaScript is the backbone of the Web World. JavaScript developers earn an average of 83,193 USD per year (JavaScript Developer average salary - PayScale). The web development industry has a plethora of jobs available which provide a similar, if not better, pay. If you are eyeing a job in this field, you definitely need to learn JavaScript.

In this post, I provide a list of topics you can get started with, along with some documentation and video links which you can use to learn these topics. These are some basic topics which can help you make a strong foundation in JavaScript. If you practice each topic for a day, you will have a strong understanding of JavaScript in 15 days and will then be able to start with a framework/library with ease.

Some books that can help you

The topics that you need to learn

Let’s see in detail what each topic has to offer and where you can start learning!

Day 1 — JS Basics

In this section, you learn what JavaScript is, what are it’s uses and how you can start using it in your website.

Day 2 — JS Syntax

Here you will learn how basic JavaScript programs are written and how you can use console object to manage outputs.

Day 3 — JS DOM Manipulation

Now you will learn how to access different elements from your website using the Document Object Model and how you can edit them.

Day 4 — JS Data Types

Learn about different data types available in JavaScript like Number, String, Array, Object, Boolean, etc.

Day 5 — JS Comparison

Learn how you can compare different data and logical conditions in this section.

Day 6 — JS Functions

Learn how to create functions to reuse pieces of code, seperate out the logic and make your code more readable.

Day 7 — JS Objects

Learn what JS objects are and how you can create objects of your own.

Day 8 — JS this Keyword

Learn what this means in JS in various scopes and how to use it.

Day 9 — JS Events

Learn what JS events are and how to make your site more interactive.

Day 10 — JS Strings and Numbers

A detailed introduction of strings and numbers, and the associated methods available with them.

Day 11 — JS Arrays

Learn in detail about Arrays in JavaScript and associated Array Methods.

Day 12 — JS Loops and Control Statements

Learn how to repeat statements using loops and how to execute specific parts of code using control statements.

Day 13 — JS Promises

One of the most important topics which will help your website achieve real-time functionalities.

Day 14 — JS Async/Await

Learn how to wait for events/promises to complete in JS to handle async requests.

Day 15 — JS Forms

Learn how to validate forms and manage form data using JavaScript.


After following this schedule, you will be able to create a basic interactive website. You can host the website by following this post. Comment down your websites for others to check out!