Create 'Show Desktop' launcher icon in Ubuntu 18.04+

by Jay Mistry · Jul 09, 2019


Ubuntu 18.04 and it’s later short term support distros boast a plethora of different useful features.

But it disappointed many users by not providing a Show Desktop launcher out of the box, as it had done with it’s predecessors.

But worry not, today I will show you how you can create your own Show Desktop launcher in Ubuntu 18.04 and later distros!

Install MenuLibre

To create new launchers, you will need to install MenuLibre, an advanced menu editor with a clean interface. You can download it from launchpad.

You can also download MenuLibre from Ubuntu Software.

Add a directory

This is an optional step. Open up MenuLibre & create a directory where you will place your custom launchers.

Create a directory where we will place our Show Desktop launcher

Add the launcher

Now that the directory is created, we will create a launcher.

Create the Show Desktop Launcher for Ubuntu 18.04

Pin the launcher to the Dock

Our launcher is created, and now we will pin it to our dock.

Pin launchers to dock in Ubuntu 18.04

And now, it’s done! You have created the ‘Show Desktop’ launcher.

That’s it for today, people. See you in the next post.

Adios folks!