In this world of rapid growth and development, a basic knowledge about technology and coding is a must. Understanding of technology in 21st Century has become what education was in the 20th Century - a basic necessity to be on par with different residents of the world. These skills have now gained even more importance than college degrees, as some Multi-National Companies have eradicated the need of a college degree to get a job there.

The Internet has now become a vast ocean of knowledge, and one can become a Tech God if he/she knows where to look. There are millions of courses and tutorials available now, free and paid altogether.

In this blog, I plan to share the experiences and knowledge I gain when I stumble upon any resource on the Internet. I also plan to share the resources which can be helpful to the learners here.

The problem

India is a country where the youth is forced towards education, and this does more bad than good. Some students get the better of it, but most of them end up wasting their childhood learning about some battles fought by some Kings a Zillion years ago.

Learning History is all well and good, but not including subjects that can help them excel or establishing hobby groups related to these subjects is just being unfair.

Many European countries have Math & Programming circles, which help nurture yound minds in Mathematics, making them highly proficient in it by the time they near the end of their teens.

There is a lack of similar programs in our Country - a Country of a Billion minds. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that out of these Billion minds, many who would be highly influential - given the opportunity, would stay hidden if the knowledge is not supplied to them. Similar is the case with many other developing countries, as they are lagging behind the similar way.


I aim to contribute in whichever way possible to help fill up this lack of hobbyist circles for developers. Here in this blog, I am intend to share anything useful I learn with the world with the hope that it would help someone. I aim to influence the young minds and motivate them to succeed, and also provide resources to do so.

I regret not having a mentor from a young age, who would’ve guided me the correct path. I don’t want other young minds to feel the same way. I want to be there for them when they need someone for guidance.

About the author

Jay Mistry is a full-time learner and a Web Developer. He intends to become a full-time content creator and help others begin their journeys in Tech. He primarily develops sites using JavaScript & CSS, and plans to learn Dart soon to develop mobile applications using Flutter. He likes to spend his time watching Anime, T.V. series and listening to music.

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