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Welcome to my blog, where I'll be sharing my experiences of the technological world, while I strive to become the apex geek - A Tech God.

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Create a custom right click context menu using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Create custom context menu for your website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript which opens on right click!

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Create a beautiful image gallery using HTML and CSS

Use HTML and CSS to create a gallery which can show images of different aspect ratios.

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A Simple Approach to Understanding 'this' in JavaScript

A post explaining the concept of 'this' in JavaScript and explaining the related functions

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Create a 3D hover effect using JavaScript animations & CSS in HTML

Learn how to create an awesome 3D hover effect using minimal JavaScript animations and CSS.

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3 methods to vertically align elements using CSS

Aligning elements vertically should be as easy as setting the 'vertical-align' property in CSS, but it is not. Learn 3 different methods to easily vertically align elements in CSS!

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Create 'Show Desktop' launcher icon in Ubuntu 18.04+

Learn how you can create a 'Show Desktop' launcher in Ubuntu 18.04+ distros

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